Unique St Patricks Day Traditions Only Found In Boston

Boston is known for its Irish heritage and traditions. When you think of Boston, you think about Irish history and influence. There are few places that can offer the authentic Irish experience quite like Boston. People from all over visit Boston just for the St. Patrick’s Day experience. There are countless bars and restaurants ready to welcome visitors who want to be Irish for a day and try some green beer. Boston is a blue collar, hardworking city that throws down on St. Patrick’s Day. For the most unique St. Patrick’s Day time of your life, check out some of the events only found in Boston on St. Patrick’s Day.

The St. Patrick Day Parade

The best St. Patrick’s day parade is held in Boston, more specifically in South Boston or Southie to the locals. The Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade is an event unique to Boston because of the rich Irish history. The parade draws close to a million spectators who come down to celebrate the spirit of Boston and its Irish traditions. As they say, “everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.”

Along with celebrating Irish culture in Boston, the parade also marks a significant event in American history. On March 17th in 1776 the British officially left American soil on what is known as “Evacuation Day.” This historical day adds a unique meaning to Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Check Out a Celtics Game

Nothing is more Irish than the Boston Celtics with the shamrock logo and their “Lucky The Leprechaun” mascot. He literally has a shillelagh in his hand. It doesn’t get any more Irish than that. The Boston Celtics season is ongoing during St. Patrick’s Day. Even if the game doesn’t fall on St. Patrick’s day, you really need to take in a home game around the greatest Irish holiday in the greatest Irish city.

The Irish Heritage Trail

A big part of visiting Boston for St. Patrick’s Day would be to learn about Irish immigrant history by touring the Irish Heritage Trail. Here you will be guided through historical Irish sites that tell a story of Irish history in Boston. From sculptors to soldiers, learn about the impact of notable Irish immigrants, their descendants and how they helped shape Irish American culture in the Boston area. Visit the commemorative gardens of Rose Kennedy, the mother of John F. Kennedy. You will also pay a visit to the famous Fenway park where the beloved Boston Red Sox baseball team plays their home games.

Epic Pub Crawl

Sure, you may think a pub crawl is just like bar hopping but not in Boston and definitely not on St. Patrick’s Day. Oh no, a Boston St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl will be a memory like no other. What better place to experience hoisting a pint of Guinness than in an authentic Irish pub in Boston on St. Patrick’s Day! Sure you can buy a pub crawl ticket to help move you along but you may prefer going on your own and see where the night takes you. Check out warm Irish hospitality at places like The Burren, J.J. Foley’s Cafe and yes, The Squealing Pig just to name a few. With countless options to keep you enjoying the night there really is no shortage of choices for a good old fashioned pub crawl while in Boston for St. Patrick’s Day.

The St. Patrick’s Day Road Race

Everyone knows about the rich storied history of the Boston Marathon and what the race means for Boston. Another famous Boston running event is the St. Patrick’s Day Road Race. This race is more for fun and all the proceeds are given to youth charity. The race takes place in Southie and is a 5K road course. This is a feel good event that is fun for the runners and spectators alike.

Rock Out With The DropKick Murphys

Boston’s own Irish Punk band the Dropkick Murphys come back to town every St. Patrick’s Day to put on a show for their hometown Boston fans. The Dropkick Murphys have made Boston proud and are deeply entrenched in the culture and tradition of celebrating the Irish holiday. The band has played rallies for Boston sports teams during playoff runs and are recognized as a true Boston success story unique to the area.  


St. Patrick’s Day in Boston is unrivaled and steeped in tradition. The annual parade brings everyone together for a family friendly time. The Irish Heritage trail sheds light on influential Irish immigrants who helped shape Irish American history in Boston. Local boys like the Dropkick Murphys always come back to celebrate with the fans who supported the band as they were starting out.

There is never a bad time to watch the Celtics but an even better time is around St. Patrick’s Day while the city is buzzing with Irish pride. The more time spent in Boston helps you understand and appreciate the deep Irish heritage that makes the city a hot spot destination for those looking for a unique St. Patrick’s Day experience.