Boston's #1 Bar Crawl on St Patrick's Day!

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St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawls in Boston!

Looking for something fun to do this year on St Patrick’s Day in Boston? Join thousands of pub crawlers as we explore all of Boston’s best Irish bars and more along the route of The Shamrock Showdown! Boston’s #1 St Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl!

Frequently Asked Questions about Boston St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawls

The Shamrock Showdown St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl is an annual social event where participants visit multiple bars in one day, typically walking from one establishment to the next, while enjoying food and drink specials, live music and more. Join thousands as we celebrate Boston’s Irish side every March!

Yes, you must be 21 years or older with valid ID to participate in a bar crawl in Boston. Most participating venues are strictly 21 plus.

Most organized bar crawls do require tickets. Your tickets often include some perks such as no cover charges at the participating bars, as well as food and drink specials and more. The Shamrock Showdown is the official bar crawl of Boston’s St Paddy’s Day celebration! Get your tickets here!

You found it right here! There are many options in and around Boston for St. Patrick’s Day, but the Shamrock Showdown Pub Crawl is known to be the best. Every year, thousands of participants join in on the fun!

While not mandatory, wearing green is a fun tradition on St. Patrick’s Day and is highly encouraged to show your festive spirit during the bar crawls. Many participants wear green clothing, accessories, and sometimes go all out with elaborate Irish costumes to celebrate the day.

Always drink responsibly, stay with your group, and plan safe transportation ahead of time. Consider using public transportation, ride-sharing services, or designated drivers to ensure you get home safely. Also, be aware of your surroundings and avoid overindulging in alcohol.

Yes, Boston hosts a variety of events on St. Patrick’s Day such as parades, concerts, and cultural festivals that celebrate the holiday and Irish culture. These events can be found through online event listings or by checking with local community organizations. Additionally, many bars and restaurants also offer St. Patrick’s Day themed menus and events throughout the day. So whether you prefer a traditional Irish celebration or a pub crawl, there are plenty of options to choose from on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston! A lot of people will start on a pub crawl and end up staying at a location once they find a venue they really like.

Some bars may have a dress code, such as no athletic wear or ripped clothing, so it is best to check with the specific establishment beforehand. However, most bar crawls encourage casual and festive attire for the holiday.

Of course! EVERYONE is IRISH on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston! Especially at the Shamrock Showdown – Boston’s #1 St Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl!

Participating venues all have their own food and drink specials throughout the day. Explore our venues along the way for more details. Sample a few Irish Whiskeys or indulge in a traditional Irish meal.

With so many great Irish Bars and Pubs in Boston, you really can;t go wrong at any f them. It all depends on the type of venue you like. There really is something for everyone in Boston.

Operating hours will vary from place to place on St Patrick’s Day. Most are open until 1 or 2 AM.

St. Patrick’s Day in Boston is a celebration like no other. Alive with the echoes of its rich Irish heritage and a jubilant parade of emerald-hued festivities. Among the revered traditions is the time-honored practice of the bar crawl. An epic journey through some of the city’s legendary watering holes and taverns.

Boston’s bar crawls on St. Patrick’s Day are an embodiment of camaraderie and spirited fun, embracing both the old world charm and the contemporary pulse of the city’s nightlife. Beantown’s pubs, many steeped in decades of history, open their doors wide, inviting crawl participants to savor a taste of the rich variety of brews, from frothy stouts to crisp ales, which unfailingly flow like the River Shannon.

The aura of celebration is intensified by the echo of infectious Celtic tunes and the steady thrum of live music that fills the bars, from the warm and cozy snugs to the lively dance floors. As you navigate from pub to pub, the warm laughter of friends, both old and new, weaves together a tapestry of joyous encounters — each establishment offering a unique story, a unique atmosphere, a unique taste of Boston’s Irish heart.

Safety in numbers is part of the bar crawl bliss, as groups adorned in shamrocks and leprechaun hats progress together under the St. Patrick’s Day banners that line the streets. Here, it’s more than just a sip of whiskey or a gulp of Guinness; it’s about the collective experience of enjoying a day steeped in cultural pride and the unspoken bond that connects all who celebrate.

Maybe you’ll find a pot of gold along the way!