St. Patrick’s Day In Boston: A Guide For Visitors And Party Goers

There is no better city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than in Boston. South Boston in particular celebrates St. Patrick’s Day right. Boston is known for its storied, deep Irish history and heritage. Boston was a landing spot for many Irish immigrants fleeing Ireland in the 1850’s due to the potato famine that hurt farmers and the general population. Since then, Boston has been known as a very “Irish” city with the influence of Irish immigrants shaping Boston’s history since their arrival.

It’s no secret that the Irish know how to have a good time and there is no better time to celebrate being Irish than St. Patrick’s Day and there is no better place than Boston. You can check out the parade in Southie, catch the Dropkick Murphys, run the 5K road race, and walk the Irish Heritage Trail to name a few ways to experience Boston on St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Southie

Since the turn of the century, South Boston has been hosting the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade became a way for Boston to show solidarity to the newly arrived Irish immigrants as a show of unity. Everyone has a great time wearing green and having fun enjoying the festivities and tradition. There are real Irish bands that march blaring their bagpipes, dancers dressed in authentic Irish clothing and floats from different organizations and community members.

While the parade has had some controversial moments along the way, those are all part of the history that makes the parade what it is today. You will see local politicians, public figures, and everyday citizens out with their family taking in all that the parade has to offer. It’s a great atmosphere where all are welcome with more and more family friendly zones available for viewing.

Boston Celtics Games

What’s more Irish than a Celtic? Not much. Your St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Boston should include a trip to the TD BankNorth Garden to watch the Celtics play a game on a day celebrating Irish culture. Catching a Celtic’s game on St. Patrick’s Day is an easy and fun way to get the most out of Boston St. Patrick’s Day experience. It’s just one of those things you must do when you’re in town to celebrate. Everyone is in high spirits and having a great time in a family friendly environment watching the Celtics play a home game.

Irish Heritage Trail

There is so much to see and learn when you take a trip through the Irish Heritage Trail in Boston. It means a little more on St. Patrick’s Day. You will get a glimpse into the many ways Irish immigrants helped shape the history of Boston and the ways they helped define historical moments in American history.

You will see the matriarch of the Kennedy family, Rose Kennedy Gardens as you start your tour of Irish heritage. There are Irish born war heroes like Commodore John Barry who is considered to be the father of the American Navy. You will leave the tour of this Irish Heritage Trail with a deeper appreciation for Irish immigrants and their impact not only Boston history but American history.

Rock Out With The Dropkick Murphys

Every St. Patrick’s Day, local boys Dropkick Murphys return home to Boston for some good time Irish Punk Rock entertainment. The Dropkick Murphys have not forgotten where they came from and make it a point to put on multiple shows in the Boston area during St. Patrick’s Day.

They play for their diehard fans who remember them during their local Boston club days. Now the Dropkick Murphy are touring the world putting on amazing shows with their true to form Irish Celtic Punk music. This is a hot ticket, so don’t wait to grab your seats while they are in Boston.

St. Patrick’s Day Road Race

Beers and fitness-sure why not. One of the many annual Boston traditions is the St. Patrick’s Day 5K road race. While out and about during your visit in Boston, come down to cheer on the runners of the St. Patrick’s Day 5K road race. The first 650 runners who register will be given an official race shirt designed by the Dropkick Murphys.

People run for the fun and bragging rights that come along with completing the race either with or without a hangover.  The race begins and ends at the Boys and Girls Club in South Boston. The race has been a mainstay since 1940 with more than 1,500 runners participating.

 St Patrick’s Day Pub Crawls

No Boston St. Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without an official pub crawl through the different Irish establishments of Bean Town. You can hear live Irish music at Landsdowne across from Fenway park all St. Patrick’s Day week. Watch some authentic Irish step dancing at The Burren in Boston. The Faneuil Hall area in Boston feature multiple Irish pubs to choose from. There are lots of other Irish pubs throughout Boston ready to welcome you and show you what an actual Boston St. Patrick’s Day Guinness pint is all about.

Looking for the best St Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl in Boston? Check out the Shamrock Showdown! Boston’s #1 Pub Crawl Every St. Paddy’s Day!


St. Patrick’s Day only comes around once a year and honestly the most authentic American experience is in fact only found in Boston, especially South Boston. There is so much to choose from as far as experience’s are concerned.

The Southie Parade is a must do for any visitor, along with a traditional pub crawl through the multiple options Boston has to offer. Don’t forget about the Celtics or the Dropkick Murphys St. Patrick’s Day live performances. If you’re up for it, take on the 5K road race in Southie. For a lesson in Boston’s Irish history, make sure you go through the Irish Heritage Trail.

You will leave with a deeper appreciation of the struggles of early America and Boston itself. There is so much going on in Boston for St. Patrick’s Day, you will likely have one of the best times of your life enjoying some warm Irish hospitality.