A&B Kitchen & Bar

Located in North Station @ The Courtyard by Marriot

115 Beverly Street | Boston, MA 02114

(857) 449-2251

About the A&B Kitchen BAR in Boston

A&B Kitchen BAR, located in the heart of Boston, is a gastronomic haven that captures the vibrant spirit of the city through its eclectic menu and dynamic atmosphere. This eatery takes pride in sourcing local and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that each dish served is not only flavorful but also supports the community’s sustainability efforts. With a menu that boasts a perfect blend of classic comfort food and contemporary culinary innovation, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

The ambiance at A&B Kitchen BAR is thoughtfully designed to cater to a variety of dining experiences. The space features an open kitchen that allows patrons to observe the magic as chefs deftly prepare meals. Industrial chic decor, combined with warm lighting and exposed brick walls, creates a setting that is both modern and cozy. Whether it’s enjoying a casual dinner with friends or a celebratory cocktail after work, the vibe here is always welcoming.

Enticing cocktails and an extensive selection of craft beers complement the dining experience. The bar at A&B Kitchen BAR is a destination in its own right, with mixologists who skillfully prepare both timeless classics and innovative new creations. Regular live music and events add an extra layer of excitement, turning an ordinary evening out into an unforgettable experience. With a commitment to exceptional service, A&B Kitchen BAR is a favorite among locals and visitors looking for a taste of Boston’s thriving food scene.