Located in Liberty Square

4 Liberty Square | Boston, MA 02109

(617) 723-3222

About 2Twenty2 in Boston

Located in the vibrant heart of Boston, 2Twenty2 offers an eclectic experience for music enthusiasts and night owls alike. As a venue, it strikes a remarkable balance between intimate and electric, providing an immersive space for live music and entertainment. Known for its dynamic lineup of local and touring bands, 2Twenty2 has become a staple in the Boston music scene, celebrated for its acoustics and the visceral connection it fosters between artists and audiences.

The ambiance at 2Twenty2 is both sophisticated and welcoming, with a décor that pays homage to Boston’s storied history while keeping pace with its contemporary pulse. The venue often doubles as a prime spot for networking and socializing, where patrons can enjoy a selection of craft cocktails and gourmet small plates, evoking the city’s reputation for culinary innovation. Not just a concert space, 2Twenty2 is an experience that seamlessly blends the love for music, community, and the quintessential Boston spirit.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Boston’s nightlife, 2Twenty2 remains a beacon for those in search of a memorable night. Its commitment to quality and experience ensures that each visit is more than just an outing—it’s an event that contributes to the city’s cultural tapestry. With a friendly staff, an array of events catering to diverse tastes, and a prime location, 2Twenty2 continues to beckon locals and tourists to immerse themselves in the rhythm of Boston.